Digital Devices Max SX8 Pro (4/8) - 8 Tuner TV Card - DVB-S2/DVB-S2X Full Spectrum

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Productinformatie "Digital Devices Max SX8 Pro (4/8) - 8 Tuner TV Card - DVB-S2/DVB-S2X Full Spectrum"

Digital Devices MAX SX8 (DVB-S2 / DVB-S2X 4/8) comes with 8x DVB-S/S2/S2X tuners on only one PCI Express card. With the Digital Devices MAX SX8 Digital Devices presents an HDTV tuner card for the PCI Express slot with eight TV tuners. The ultra-compact design, only 5 watts power consumption, the choice of operating mode and support for the single-cable solutions according EN50494 (Unicable®)*1 and EN50607 (JESS®)*2, allows a flexible use in any situation and for any solution.

Suitable on Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10 and Linux, the Digital Devices MAX SX8 can be integrated by flexible selection of the operating mode individually in the environment. The operating modes allows a single-cable mode according to EN50494 (Unicable®)*1 and EN50607 (JESS®)*2, the use of quad LNBs and 4 lines from multi-switches and Quattro LNB's or master output of a multiswitch.

Operation Mode Quad LNB or 4 Multiswitch Outputs

Use this option if you want to connect your Max SX8 to a normal multiswitch or LNB with integrated multi-switch (QUAD LNB or OCTO LNB). For both cases, four SAT lines are required to provide a full-featured and full reception (all four levels SAT).


Operation Mode Quattro LNB or Multiswitch cascade output (VL, VH, HL, HH)

Use this option if you want to connect your Max SX8 to a multi-switch, which can be cascaded. Such multi-switch have in addition to the inputs for a Quattro LNB, four outputs which are also known as "cascade outputs". These outputs give only from a Quattro LNB received signals unaltered out again. Alternatively, the four outputs can be directly used by a Quattro LNB without multiswitch.


Operation Mode Singlecable Solution

in this operation mode the card can be used over only one antenna cable via Unicable®*1 oder JESS®*2 supported equipment. Thereby it is possible to provide up to 8 Tuners by a UniCable® System and up to 32 Tuners with a JESS® System. More than one satellite can be used in this mode (in this mode, you need for 8 tuners only 1 cable to port 1, thanks to an integrated multi-switch).


Operation mode 4 Tuner Direct

In the "4 Tuner" operating mode, the four inputs of the card can be used like individual tuners. Several satellites (DiSEqC) are supported in this mode. (In this mode you need 1 to 4 cables from a multi-switch or LNB with integrated multi-switch)

The Digital Devices MAX SX8 can be used immediately with numerous TV applications.


* 1 Unicable® Requires Unicable® / SCR / CENELEC EN50494 compliant LNB or multiswitch to EN50494
* 2 JESS® Requires Jess® / CENELEC En50607 compliant LNB or multiswitch to En50607


Anschlüsse: 4x F-SAT In, GTL Link Port, PCI Express x1, Sherlock Power (Only requiered for use in Octopus NET)
BBFrame Output: 1
Betriebsmodus - Verkabelung: 1-4 feed lines in operating mode: 4 Tuner Mode | FMODE0, 1x feed line from SCR (Unicable I | II | JESS), 4x feed line from Quad or Octo LNB, 4x feed line from Quattro LNB (VL|VH|HL|HH) , 4x supply line from master / cascade output Multiswitch (VL|VH|HL|HH), 4x supply line from multiswitch
DVB Kabel Empfangseigenschaften: N/A
DVB Satelliten Empfangseigenschaften: 8APSK-L [5/9|26/45], 8PSK [3/5|2/3|3/4|5/6|8/9|9/10], 8PSK [23/36|25/36|13/18], 16APSK-L [5/9|8/15|1/2|3/5|2/3], 16APSK [2/3|3/4|5/6|8/9|9/10], 16APSK [26/45|3/5|28/45|23/36|13/18|7/9|77/90], 32APSK-L [2/3], 32APSK [3/4|4/5|5/6|8/9|9/10], 32APSK [32/45|11/15|7/9], 64APSK-L [32/45], 64APSK [11/15|7/9|4/5|5/6], 128APSK [3/4|7/9], 256APSK-L [29/45|2/3|31/45|11/15], 256APSK [32/45|3/4], ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), Annex M, Channel Bonding (S2X), Error correction: LDPC 720 MBit/s, Long Frames, MIS (Multiple Input Streams), Maximum Baudrate 500MBits, Maximum DVB-S2/S2X LDPC-Bitrate for all 8 Tuner is 720 MBit/s., QPSK [1/2|3/5|2/3|3/4|4/5|8/9|8/10], QPSK [1/4|1/3|2/5], QPSK [13/45|9/20|11/20], Short Frames, VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) , VL-SNR
DVB Standards: DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X
DVB Terrestrisch Empfangseigenschaften: N/A
Demodulatoren / Kanäle / Tuner (Frontends): 8
Dimension: 104 x 111 x 15 mm
Energieverbrauch: ca. 7 Watt without LNB power
Features: DiSEqC 2.x via SCR, Digital TV, HD (H.264/MPEG-4), SD (H.262/MPEG-2), UHD (H.265/HEVC), Unicable I (SCR) EN50494, Unicable II | JESS (SCR) EN50607
Firmwareupdate: Update local (DVB Card)
Lieferumfang: Device, Digital Devices TV Software (Download), Driver (Online), Full Profile Bracket, Manual (Download), Quick Installation Guide, Sale Packing
Maximale Symbolraten: 8APSK [86], 8PSK [86], 16APSK [64.5], 32APSK [51.6], 64APSK [43], 128APSK [36.85], 256APSK [32.25], Annex M 500, QPSK [~95]
Stromversorgung: PCIe Slot, Sherlock (Octopus NET)
Systemvoraussetzungen: 512 MB RAM, Dual Core Intel® or AMD® CPU, PCI Express socket (x1 - x16)
Treiber: Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Umweltstandards und Sicherheit: CE, Produced and developed according to European standards | DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, RoHS Konformität, WEEE DE 99353762, Without electrolytic capacitors, Without tantalum capacitors

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