Digital Devices DuoFlex CI - Double Common Interface (CI) Extension DuoFlex CI

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Productinformatie "Digital Devices DuoFlex CI - Double Common Interface (CI) Extension DuoFlex CI"

Twin Common Interface extension modul for the Cine-, Octopus- and Octopus NET series

The DuoFlex CI extension provides two CI slots. The DuoFlex CI can be used for products of the Cine, Octopus and Octopus NET series. The DuoFlex CI is used to hold two Conditional Access Modules (CAM). Some CAMs master Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD) technology, which allows up to 4 TV channels / tuners to be decrypted using just one CAM (number depends on manufacturer).

The common interface extension is connected to the base card using a ribbon cable. In addition, it's powered by the supplied power adapter. Thanks to the supplied low-profile and full-profile slot plates, individual installation is possible.


What is a Common Interface (CI)?
CI-LogikA conditional access module (CAM) is inserted into a common interface interface (also known as a CI slot). The smart card of a content provider is then inserted into this CAM. If all components are matched to one another, the TV signal can be decrypted.


Twin CI with MTD
The Twin Common Interface on the OctopusCI S2 Pro provides the system with two CI slots and is designed to use with two Conditional Access Module (CAM). Some CAMs handle the Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD) technology, which allows up to 4 TV channels / tuner only a CAM (number dependent on the manufacturer) to decrypt. 

What is Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD)?
Multi Transponder Decrypting is a new technology that allows to decrypt up to 4 TV channels / tuner simultaneously with only one Conditional Access Module (number of channels dependent on the manufacturer).

TV software
All Digital Devices products are supplied with the DD-TV software. Experience the numerous functions: HD quality television, time-shift television, digital video recorder, electronic program guide (EPG), teletext reception.

Support – Operating systems and Software
Signed Drivers for Microsoft ® Windows ® XP with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista ® 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 ® 32-bit / 64-bit
Windows 7/8/8.1 Media Center compatible
Drivers: Linux kernel 2.6.xx current ® Open Source

Compatible with Windows Media Center
Our products are under the Windows Media Center, including the optional direct support of the CI interfaces, immediately usable without complications.


Anschluss via: Erweiterungsport
Anzahl CI-Slot(s): 2
Energieverbrauch: ca. 1 watts plus consumption of the CAM module
Erweiterungsmodul (für Bridge): Ja
Linux / Windows Treiber: Ja
Stromversorgung: External power supply
WMC kompatibel: Ja

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