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A hardware/ or software failure can always happen. Many problems can not be solved easily on the phone and will require a look to your system. In the context of the satisfaction of our customers, we therefore offer the possibility with the help of the remote maintenance software "TeamViewer® Quick Support", which you can download here for free, to create an analysis quickly and easily for you.

Please contact our support hotline first at +49 (0) 20 65 / 6 98 99 30 to discuss the further procedure. Depending on the case, we will decide whether a TeamViewer session is necessary.

So that we can support you accordingly, please proceed as follows:

  • Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Windows here:

Download TeamViewer Quick-Support for Windows

  • TeamViewer does not need to be installed, but is only started temporarily on your system. Therefore simply execute the file after the download.
  • Read the agreement and terms of use that are displayed when you start TeamViewer. You must accept these in order for us to establish a remote session.
  • Fill out the following form completely and then click on "Send". Herewith you transmit the connection data to our support.


Conditions for a remote session via the Teamviewer remote maintenance software

By submitting the data, you authorize Digital Devices Distribution GmbH to remotely maintain your PC-system/system via the remote software "TeamViewer®" for the purpose of technical support / consulting. You are informed that during the remote session there will be an exchange of data between the PC system on the part of Digital Devices Distribution GmbH and your remotely maintained system. Digital Devices Distribution GmbH does not perform session recording or any other form of data storage during remote access. It is possible that for analysis purposes screenshots have to be generated or log files have to be copied and stored locally on the computer systems of Digital Devices Distribution GmbH. Any transfer of data via TeamViewer happens only in consultation with the customer. Employees will not transfer any data that contains personal information. Digital Devices Distribution GmbH is not liable for any damage to the systems that are remotely accessed. For the access to your system it is necessary that you are also in front of the system for the duration of the remote session and that you are in contact with us by phone. Furthermore, we need your consent and an order for remote support, which you can give us here. If you have a TeamViewer on your system, please close it via "Connection -> Close TeamViewer."  

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