Gigabit solution in an old building: Network and LiveTV - high-tech, cost-effective and discreet

1.7 Gigbit net data rate, no visible cables, modems or surface-mounted devices. No wifi necessary. No need to worry about fire protection and monument protection. Perfect for fiber optics and all other internet technologies.

Have you ever heard of EOC? Ethernet over Coax technology is already known under the MoCA® standard. But wouldn't it be perfect if you just had to replace a DVB-C in-wall socket and then have a finished Gigabit cabling system in your home? Discreet and inconspicuous.

The EOC system from Digital Devices makes it possible. Unlike previous systems, we have no cables, no plug-in power supply units and no devices standing around.

If you are now curious, you can find our news about our Ethernet over Coax in-wall sockets and distribution amplifiers here.

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