Astra Cesbo Lifetime licence voucher

Astra Cesbo Lifetime licence voucher
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Voucher for Astra Cesbo Lifetime License - Only available in combination with the model series... more
Product information "Astra Cesbo Lifetime licence voucher"

Voucher for Astra Cesbo Lifetime License - Only available in combination with the model series "Digital Devices - RESI FSM" for a special price.

With the Astra software from Cesbo, you get a professional and powerful server software for Linux based operating systems, which is used to organize and modulate DVB signals, as well as various other media sources.

Thanks to the direct support of our RESI FSM QAM modulators within the software, users have the possibility to fill the generated QAM transponders of the RESI FSM series with any content such as DVB-S signals or other input sources *.

Further key features of the software are as follows:

Receiving streams

  • MPEG-TS Files


  • Preparing channels
  • DVB-CI Descrambling
  • Streams Analyzing
  • Redundant Sources


  • Responsive Web-Interface
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Telemetry charts and reports
  • API


  • Access authentication
  • Preparing streams for cable, terrestrial, and satellite networks

For more information, visit

Upon purchase of the voucher together with a RESI FSM QAM PCIe Modulator, you will receive it together with the hardware by post. Shipping by eMail in advance is not possible. The voucher can be used to purchase a Lifetime License without additional payment on the website of the software publisher Cesbo.

Note: The Astra software from Cesbo can be installed as a trial version and can be fully tested before being activated for a limited period of time. After entering the voucher code to acquire a lifetime license for the software Astra, a refund of the voucher is not possible. The license publisher for the software "Astra" which can be acquired with the voucher is the company Cesbo. The licensing terms of the license publisher apply. Unless otherwise specified in the publisher's license terms, a lifetime license applies to a PC.

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