AMP x8 Distribution Amplifier for EOC 1000 incl. power supply unit


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AMP X8 - 1000 Addons Modul

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days


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Product information "AMP x8 Distribution Amplifier for EOC 1000 incl. power supply unit"

Gigabit over Coax - AMP X8 Distribution Amplifier - For the central distribution of DVB-C and network data in buildings.

The AMP X8 distribution amplifier ensures the central integration and establishment of the Gigabit network via the coaxial cable, from the transfer point in building installations (NE4). The feed of the DVB-C signal is also provided via the AMP X8 and is available in coexistence with the established network, e.g. for Internet data on the coaxial cable. The AMP X8 can accommodate up to 8x modules and supply them via these eight separate segment strings in the house distribution. Each line can be supplied with several EOC1000 flush-mounted sockets, via which the DVB-C signal and the network signal are available. The EOC1000 flush-mounted sockets are directly supplied with DC voltage via the distribution amplifier, so that no further installations, such as plug-in power supply units, are necessary at the EOC flush-mounted sockets.

The pluggable modules deliver 1 gigabit (700 megabits net) data rate per coaxial segment string, whereby the individual coaxial segments are isolated from each other. For an interconnection of all segments or only certain ones, a connection can be made via a commercially available switch.

An applied DVB-C signal from any source can be amplified for each segment, so that different cable lengths in the house distribution can be compensated, and skew correction is also possible via the built-in equaliser per line. A measuring device is available in the unit itself for skew correction and distribution amplification per line. The individual strings can be individually adjusted by means of a visual level display. This minimises the installation effort and service costs for the installation. Elaborate mounting boards and installations are no longer necessary, and existing coaxial cable can be reused, even in old buildings.

When installing more than 8 segment strings or a very large number of flush-mounted sockets, several AMPs can be easily cascaded.

Note: The AMP X8 version for EOC1000 flush-mounted sockets uses the frequency range 2 - 80 MHz for the network data. In this frequency range, there is usually no collision with frequencies used for DVB live transmissions by the provider.

If an Internet access via DOCSIS (cable modem) is used, it must be decoupled beforehand via a commercially available splitter and modem.

If no DVB signal is required via broadband cable or if the frequencies up to 200 MHz are not used for DVB live transmission, a higher bandwidth can also be provided via the AMP X8 for EOC2000 flush-mounted sockets.


  • Gain 33 dB (internal 48 dB)
  • Bandwidth 1.5 GHz
  • Ripple 1.5 dB
  • Integrated amplifier 125 dBµV
  • Noise figure 4 dB
  • Noiseflor -170 dBm/Hz
  • Integrated 8-fold splitter
  • 8 outputs with max. 108 dBµV
  • Return channel lock
  • High pass and low pass filter
  • Up to 8 modules
  • Internal performance meter 50 dbµV to 110 dbµV
  • Up to 64 participants/EOC1000
  • Remote power supply 24 V up to 40 EOC1000
  • Digitally adjustable:
    • 8x 31dB attenuator (0.5 dB steps)
    • skew correction (0-3-6-9 dB)
 Skew-correction pulg-in module
  • Frequency range: 2 - 199 MHz
  • Network standard:
  • Hardware encryption: AES 128-bit
  • Quality of Service: VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier
  • Data rate gross: 1000 Mbps
  • Net data rate: 700 Mbps


Important: setting the output power

The total band power (approx. 90 transponders) is 19.5 dB higher compared to the output power of a single transponder determined with a measuring device!
You must take this into account when adjusting the total band power.

Example 1

  • 1 transponder: 80.0 dBµV measured
  • 90 transponders: 99.5 dbµV tape power

The LED display on the device shows 99 dBµV.
Result: The input signal can be amplified (only) by 10 dB.

Example 2

  • 1 transponder: 90.0 dBµV measured
  • 90 transponders: 109.5 dbµV tape power

The LED display on the device shows 109 dBµV.
Result: The input signal cannot be further amplified.


Consideration for five in-wall sockets in the line:

  • Good TV reception requires 60 dbµV - 75 dbµV at the input.
  • One in-wall socket EOC 1000/EOC 2000 has a transmission loss of 2-3 dB and a decoupling loss of 18 dB.
  • The AMP X8 delivers a maximum of 110 dbµV per segment string.

After five EOC 1000/EOC 2000 in-wall sockets connected in a row is the total attenuation:

  • 4x3 dB Transmission loss
  • + 18 dB /Decoupling attenuation
  • + 4 x 1-2 dB Attenuation in the coaxial cable
  • = 34-38 dB Total attenuation

Then an optimal setting on the AMP X8 would be:
60 bµV-65 dbµV + 38 dB = 98-103 dbµV.

At the first in-wall socket, 12 dB would then arrive at the output, i.e. 72-77 dbµV.

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