Digital Devices Octopus NET MINI ITX - DVB>IP Networktuner (Construction Kit)


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Octopus NET - Main Tuner Expansion optional
Octopus NET - Extended expansion optional
Power Cable Addons optional

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Product number: 290300
Product information "Digital Devices Octopus NET MINI ITX - DVB>IP Networktuner (Construction Kit)"

The High-End Networktuner - Octopus Net

The Octopus Net is streaming LiveTV to IPTV-Ready devices in the local network. It makes so many devices to a FullHD/UHD (*1) receiver for satellite television and cable television. Thereby will send the FTA Channels (*2) in FullHD/UHD in the LAN Network. Up to 12 streams - depending on model - may be used simultaneously on stationary and mobile devices. The to-use client software (*3) is for the operating systems iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Mac OS and Windows already from various manufacturers available on the market (Smart TVs, Windows Phone, Windows RT and Kindle Fire HD in preparation).

The Octopus Net series contains a 5 port gigabit managed switch and the possibility to be equipped with four DuoFlex modules or one Max Card + two DuoFlex Modules (* 4). The Octopus Net can be any number of times cascaded (controlled by IP address). Power is supplied by an external power supply. The use of wireless clients requires an additional wireless access point.

*1 Full HD ready, depending on the client
*2 CI support
*3 possibly charged (the current list below:
*4 no tuner cards included, optional up to four DuoFlex modules or one Max Card + two DuoFlex Modules
        (Note: DuoFlex CT (C2/T2) models since version v2 or higher are supported - DuoFlex CT v1 are not supported)

Due technical reasons, the MTD function is not available for this device.


The model Octopus Net mini ITX contains no tuner. With an optional DuoFlex expansion and/or Max cards, the model is simple, and extendable to 12 tuners. The configuration is made via web interface, a firmware update is performed via LAN / Internet when needed. You will also receive the free software Digital Devices TV for Windows XP / 7 / 8th 
To use the network tuner you need a client software or a hardware client for your system environment. The IPTV client software for the protocol SAT> IP may be charged. A list of usable products, see



Octopus Net Rack

  • SAT> IP for 12 Participants (expandable by cascading) 
  • SAT> IP protocol version 1.2.2 (upgradeable) 
  • Updates via the Web configurator on LAN 
  • Singlecast / Multicast via UDP / RTP 
  • 5 port managed Gigabit switch (5x 10/100/100 Ethernet) 
  • Protocols IPv4 and IPv6, multicast, IP filtering, full duplex 
  • CI support



Anschluss via: Netzwerk
Anzahl CI-Slot(s): - (bis zu 4 möglich)
Einkabelbetrieb: nach Ausstattung
Empfangsart(en): nach Ausstattung
Energieverbrauch: nach Ausstattung
HDTV (H.264/H.265/MPEG4): Ja
Kaskadierbar: Ja
Netzwerk: 5Port GigaBit mang. Switch
Rack Version: Ja
SAT>IP Standard: nach V 1.2.2
Stromversorgung: External power supply
Tuner: bis zu 12 möglich
  • Reception
  • up to 12 tuners DVB – S/S2 ( MaxS8 + 2* DuoFlex S2 V4, no CI )
  • up to 12 tuners DVB – C/C2 or DVB-T/T2 ( MaxA8 + 2* DuoFlex C2T2, no CI )
  • up to 4 Common Interfaces
  • Streamingengine
  • 12 single cast clients (independent of the number of connected tuners)
  • Streaming of 12 complete transponders
  • RTP Streaming with very low latency
  • UDP Streaming with very low latency
  • sehr geringer Jitter
  • Consistent network utilisation and no peaks
    Notice: improve the quality of the WLAN data transmission significantly
  • Complete hardware filtering for all PIDs ( no limitation )
  • SAT>IP (Version 1.2) for 12 singlecast clients und/oder max 12 multicast streams
  • flexible configuration of single cast and / or multicast
  • Embedded network switch
  • 5 port managed GigaBit-Switch
  • 5x 10/100/1000
  • Ethernet protocols IPv4 and IPv6
  • Quality of Service, Audio-Video data have priority
  • 8192 MAC addresses
  • 4 priority classes for QoS according to IEEE802.1q
  • IP filtering
  • Additional features
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very low stand by power consumption
  • Open Source SW
  • Digital Devices Octopus Net mini ITX, SAT>IP Networktuner
  • Octopus Net board
    (4 free extensionsports for DuoFlex tuner and CI extensions and one free PCIe port for Max S8 or A8i card)
  • mini ITX IO schield
  • mini ITX baseplate
  • mountiong bridge (for max 4x DuoFlex or 1x Max card + 2x DuoFlex extensions)
  • 3x 25 cm Poweradapter (Octopus Net board to the DuoFlex extensions)
  • 1x 25cm Ribbon-cable
  • assembly kit (screws, spacer bolds)
  • Instruction on CD
  • power supply 15 Volt 

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