Digital Devices Octopus NET 19'' Rack Server 1U


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Product number: 272001
Product information "Digital Devices Octopus NET 19'' Rack Server 1U"

High Density Streaming Server Engine - Based on Octopus NET V2 technology. Full equipment of up to 12 tuners of different types of reception possible..

HD / UHD network tuner - IPTV head station. Unicast and Multicast Server - Certified according to SAT> IP 1.2.2 Standard

The streaming server can be equipped with "Max" and "DuoFlex" series cards and is delivered accordingly with selected items (tuner | CI) ready for use in a 1U housing.

Octopus NET SAT>IP mainboard

Digital Devices Octopus NET mainboard for Unicast (RTSP) according SAT>IP and Multicast (RDP / UDP) according MPTS
Power supply 220 Volt

The SAT> IP server for manual configuration. The selection of the tuner modules is freely selectable within the scope of the possible slots and configuration. A detailed overview of which modules can be used can be found in the following connection diagram:

download Connetion shema - Octopus NET mainboard for SAT>IP

The Octopus NET Mainboard will modularly extended and allows a change of the installed receiving modules or extension. When changing locations, the Octopus NET can be adapted or extended at any time by exchanging these modules in the reception situation.

The Octopus NET Server Mainboards for SAT>IP can be configured for Unicast MPTS (RTSP Protocol) and Multicast MPTS (RTP / UDP Protocol) and are certified according to the SAT>IP standard and can be used with numerous software and hardware clients.

TVs from Panasonic with SAT> IP support, support directly the Octopus NET servers for all DVB reception types such as cable, terrestrial and satellite and are also suitable according to the MPTS method multicast. In the MPTS process, individual services as well as complete transponders can be sent to the client via a single stream, providing an ideal solution for hotels, residential applications, etc.

By installing CI Slots, multicast and unicast streams can be decrypted* directly in the server.
(*Please note the terms and conditions of the PayTV / content providers listed in your contract for the use of the content. The CI of Octopus NET is not part of the SAT>IP specifications and is therefore not by every client in unicast operation supported).

The built-in 5 port GigaBit Switch not only extends your network through additional LAN ports; you can also define the streams that are available on the ports in multicast mode. The Switch can also be used as an IGMPv3 Querrier.

With the help of SAT> IP Apps or Players, you can look anywhere on your mobile device in your WLAN network wherever you want or where no coaxial cable can be installed or moved. SAT> IP Set Top Boxes are available for this purpose from many manufacturers. When choosing the client, make sure that it supports the reception modes of the Octopus NET server.

Note: The basic version of this server does not include tuners or CI modules. Tuners and CIs that you order with this server will be installed by us before delivery and then tested the entire system. An overview of possible tuners and CI components can be found in the header of this article. Possible expansion stages can be found in the linked document. If tuners or CI components should not to be installed before delivery, please give us a corresponding note in the comment function when placing your order. In case of pre-assembly, this item is a non-pre-assembled product, which is custom-made to ensure individual selection by the consumer. Please note the information in our cancellation policy "Exclusion of the right of withdrawal".


  • up to 12 tuners
  • up to 4 Common Interfaces


  • 12 Unicast streams (independent of the number of connected tuners)
  • Streaming of 12 complete transponders 
  • RTP Streaming with very low latency
  • UDP Streaming with very low latency
  • very low jitter
  • Consistent network utilisation and no peaks
  • Notice: improve the quality of the WLAN data transmission significantly
  • Complete hardware filtering for all PIDs ( no limitation )
  • SAT>IP (Version 1.2.2) for 12 unicast clients and/or max 12 multicast streams
  • flexible configuration of single cast and / or multicast

Embedded network switch

  • 5 port managed GigaBit-Switch
  • 5x 10/100/1000
  • Ethernet protocols IPv4 and IPv6
  • Quality of Service, Audio-Video data have priority
  • 8192 MAC addresses
  • 4 priority classes for QoS according to IEEE802.1q
  • IP filtering

Additional features

  • Very low power consumption
  • Very low stand by power consumption
  • Open Source SW
  • Our head-end stations are supplied in a robust 19" 1U aluminium housing of German manufacture. The small housing (440mm x 243.5mm x 44mm) can also be used as a wall-mounted housing.
  • Octopus Net Board
  • 1 speed-controlled fan (Up to 4 speed-controlled fans)
  • 3 x 25 cm power adapters (Octopus Net Board to the extensions)
  • 1 x power supply EPS-45-15 45W / 15V / 3A
  • Mounting bridge (for maximum 4x DuoFlex or 1x Max board + 2x DuoFlex extensions)
  • Power board + cable
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