Digital Devices ExpandIO 19'' Server 4U - 12x PCIe Gen 2.0 Expander / Backplane

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Power Supply (optional)
Power On PCB for ATX PSU (optional)
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Digital Devices ExpandIO 19" Server casing  for the expansion of 2x PCIe x8 to 12x PCIe...meer
Productinformatie "Digital Devices ExpandIO 19'' Server 4U - 12x PCIe Gen 2.0 Expander / Backplane"

Digital Devices ExpandIO 19" Server casing for the expansion of 2x PCIe x8 to 12x PCIe GEN V2 slots - host controller / backplane - for all standard PCIe cards

c5aa65949d20f6b20e1a922c13d974e7 Reward with the "Industrial award 2018 - BEST OF"

The DD ExpandIO 19" industrial RaidSonic RM-1940 server chassis, with prepared PCIe backplane and internal host controller, for:

Micro ATX motherboard

... offers enough space for 7 expansion cards* directly on the motherboard** plus the additional six PCIe slots of the ExpandIO. It supports ATX PS/2 power supplies and has 2x USB 2.0 front connectors, as well 2x internal 3.5 "inch bays The form factor of the 19" case is 4U. To use the ExpandIO backplane, the PCIe host controller is plugged into a free PCIe x8 slot on the installed motherboard, which performs the distribution on the backplane.

Two Digital Devices ExpandIO to expand 1x PCIe x8 to 6x PCIe GEN V2 slots

With the PCIe Expander you can expand an x8 PCIe slot to up to six PCIe slots. The bandwidth of the PCIe host is distributed to the six new PCIe slots with 20 GBit RX and 20Gbit TX. The PCIe backplane has two PCIe x4 slots and four PCIe x1 slots. The provision of the expanded PCIe slot is operating system independent, so all popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows®, Linux (from kernel 2.6.34), OS X / MacOS, etc. can be used.

The expansion of the PCIe slot is not limited to Digital Devices hardware, but PCIe slot cards from any manufacturer can be used. For the use of Digital Devices hardware, the construction of high-density streaming servers or IP head stations is now possible without the purchase of expensive motherboards, which had to have a large number of PCIe slots for as many tuners. With our Max series, which already provides you with 8 tuners per card, you can expand a single PCIe slot for up to 48 tuners.

The backplane is designed for installation in the 5.25" frame of a computer housing, so that over 3x 5.25" slots also PCIe slot cards in full height can be installed in the backplane housing. The communication between the host controller and the backplane is made via two included 50cm Dataport cables and ensures a stable transmission. The cable length can be changed variably. To power supply the PCIe backplane and the expanded PCIe slots, the necessary power is provided via a SATA connection directly from the ATX power supply for 3.3V / 1A per slot. For 12V consumers, the supply current depends on the power supply.

The backplane also has separate fan connections to generate sufficient cooling.

The host controller is PCIe GEN3 compliant and requires no power from the power supply.

Developed and produced in Germany

* To operate the ExpandIO backplane, two free PCIe x8 slot is required for the host controllers on the motherboard
** Mainboard not included

The shown case may differ from the pictures.

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Die Digital Devices Backplanes erweitern einen PCIe Host transparent mit einer internen Einheit.
Der Anschluss erfolgt mittels eines PCIe-Hostcontrollers über bis zu vier Datenkabel.

Einspeisung via SATA Power Kabel: 12V/3A-15A

Verfügbare Leistung per PCI Express X1 Slot: 3.3V/1A, 12V (hängt vom PC-Netzteil ab)

Anschlüsse Backplane
4 x PCI Express X1 Slot

2 x PCI Express X4 Slot
2 x Datenanschlüsse zur Verbindung mit dem Host-Controller
1 x SATA Power Connector
2 x Fanconnector

Upstream zum Host: X4 Generation 2 = 20GBit RX + 20GBit TX

Downstream zum Client:
2 Ports X4
4 Ports X1

Umweltfreundliche Green IT
Ohne Tantalkondensatoren

Ohne Elektrolytkondensatoren

ca. 7 W

Unterstützte Betriebssysteme
Microsoft Windows® XP(SP3), 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Unterstützung für 32 und 64 Bit

Linux (ab Kernel 2.6.34)
OS X/macOS
Viele andere

B 146 mm, H 128 mm, T 177 mm

RM-1940 - 19" Server Gehäuse 4U

19" Industrie Servergehäuse mit 520 mm Tiefe
Unterstützt 2x USB 2.0 Frontanschlüsse
LED für Stromversorgung, Festplattenzugriff
Strom- und Resetschalter
Unterstützt EATX, ATX, Micro ATX Mainboard
Unterstützt ATX oder PS/2 Netzteil
Mit Platz für 7x Erweiterungskarten
Passgenaue Verarbeitung durch Highend Stanzmaschine
Hochwertige Aluminium Frontblende

Technische Daten
Modell: RM-1940
Marke: RackMax
Farbe: Schwarz
Material: Stahl SGCC 1,2 mm
Form Faktor: 4U (= 177,80 mm)
Mainboard Form Faktor: EATX, ATX, Micro ATX
Ext. Datenschnittstelle: 2 x USB 2.0
3,5" interne Erweiterung: 2
5,25" externe Einschub: 6
Erweiterungssteckplätze: 7
Alarm: Lüfter- und Temperaturfehler
LED: Strom ein/aus, Festplatte verbunden
Lüfter: Einbaurahmen für 3x 80 mm und 2x 60 mm

Abmessung: 428x178x523 mm



  • Servergehäuse 19" 4HE
  • 2x ExpandIO bestehend aus:
    • 2x 5.25'' Einbaurahmen für Backplane 3HE (vormontiert)
    • 2x PCIe Backplane - 6x PCIe Slots (vormontiert)
    • 2x Hostadapter intern
    • 4x 50cm Dataport Kabel
    • 12x Slotblende (vormontiert)
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