Digital Devices Octopus NET MINI ITX - DVB>IP Networktuner (Construction Kit)

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Power cord (optional)
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The High-End Networktuner - Octopus Net The Octopus Net is streaming LiveTV to IPTV-Ready...meer
Productinformatie "Digital Devices Octopus NET MINI ITX - DVB>IP Networktuner (Construction Kit)"

The High-End Networktuner - Octopus Net

The Octopus Net is streaming LiveTV to IPTV-Ready devices in the local network. It makes so many devices to a FullHD/UHD (*1) receiver for satellite television and cable television. Thereby will send the FTA Channels (*2) in FullHD/UHD in the LAN Network. Up to 12 streams - depending on model - may be used simultaneously on stationary and mobile devices. The to-use client software (*3) is for the operating systems iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Mac OS and Windows already from various manufacturers available on the market (Smart TVs, Windows Phone, Windows RT and Kindle Fire HD in preparation).

The Octopus Net series contains a 5 port gigabit managed switch and the possibility to be equipped with four DuoFlex modules or one Max Card + two DuoFlex Modules (* 4). The Octopus Net can be any number of times cascaded (controlled by IP address). Power is supplied by an external power supply. The use of wireless clients requires an additional wireless access point.

*1 Full HD ready, depending on the client
*2 CI support
*3 possibly charged (the current list below:
*4 no tuner cards included, optional up to four DuoFlex modules or one Max Card + two DuoFlex Modules
        (Note: DuoFlex CT (C2/T2) models since version v2 or higher are supported - DuoFlex CT v1 are not supported)

Due technical reasons, the MTD function is not available for this device.


The model Octopus Net mini ITX contains no tuner. With an optional DuoFlex expansion and/or Max cards, the model is simple, and extendable to 12 tuners. The configuration is made via web interface, a firmware update is performed via LAN / Internet when needed. You will also receive the free software Digital Devices TV for Windows XP / 7 / 8th 
To use the network tuner you need a client software or a hardware client for your system environment. The IPTV client software for the protocol SAT> IP may be charged. A list of usable products, see



Octopus Net Rack

  • SAT> IP for 12 Participants (expandable by cascading) 
  • SAT> IP protocol version 1.2.2 (upgradeable) 
  • Updates via the Web configurator on LAN 
  • Singlecast / Multicast via UDP / RTP 
  • 5 port managed Gigabit switch (5x 10/100/100 Ethernet) 
  • Protocols IPv4 and IPv6, multicast, IP filtering, full duplex 
  • CI support



SAT>IP Standard: nach V 1.2.2
HDTV (H.264/H.265/MPEG4): Ja
Anschluss via: Netzwerk
Tuner: bis zu 12 möglich
Empfangsart(en): nach Ausstattung
Einkabelbetrieb: nach Ausstattung
Netzwerk: 5Port GigaBit mang. Switch
Anzahl CI-Slot(s): - (bis zu 4 möglich)
Kaskadierbar: Ja
Power supplied: External power supply
Power consumption: nach Ausstattung
Rack Version: Ja
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  • Digital Devices Octopus Net mini ITX, SAT>IP Netzwerktuner
  • Octopus Net Board
    (4 freie Erweiterungsports für DuoFlex Tuner und CI Erweiterungen und 1 freier PCIe Port für Max S8/A8i Karte)
  • mini ITX Rückblende
  • mini ITX Grundplatte
  • Befestigungsbrücke (für maximal 4x DuoFlex oder 1x Max Karte + 2x DuoFlex Erweiterungen)
  • 3x 25 cm Stromadapter (Octopus Net Board zu den DuoFlex Erweiterungen)
  • 1x 25cm Datenkabel
  • Montagekit (Schrauben, Stehbolzen)
  • Handbuch auf CD
  • Netzteil 15 Volt 
download   Download Funktionsübersicht Octopus NET v2 System
  • Empfang
  • bis zu 12 Tuner DVB – S/S2 ( MaxS8 + 2* DuoFlex S2 V4, kein CI )
  • bis zu 12 Tuner DVB – C/ C2 oder DVB-T/ T2 ( MaxA8 + 2* DuoFlex C2T2, kein CI )
  • bis zu 4 Common Interface
  • Streamingengine
  • 12 Singlecast Clients (unabhängig von der Anzahl der angeschlossenen Tuner)
  • Streaming von 12 vollen Transponder
  • RTP Streaming mit sehr geringer Latenz
  • UDP Streaming mit sehr geringer Latenz
  • sehr geringer Jitter
  • gleichmäßige Netzwerkauslastung keine Übertragungsspitzen und Senken
    Hinweis: verbessert die Qualität einer WLAN Übertragung deutlich
  • vollständige Hardware Filterung für alle PIDs ( keine Bergrenzung )
  • SAT>IP (Version 1.2) für 12 Singlecast Clients und/ oder max 12 Multicast Streams
  • flexible Konfiguration Singlecast und / oder Multicast
  • Eingebauter Netzwerk Switch
  • 5 Port managed GigaBit-Switch
  • 5x 10/100/1000
  • Ethernet Protokolle IPv4 und IPv6
  • Quality of Service, Audio Video Daten haben Priorität
  • 8192 MAC Addressen
  • 4 Klassen Priorität für QOS gemäß IEEE802.1q
  • IP Filterung
  • Weitere Highlights
  • sehr geringe Energieaufnahme
  • sehr geringe Standby Energieaufnahme
  • Open Source Software

Digital Devices MAX SX8 Basic (DVB-S2 / DVB-S2X 4/8) comes with 8x DVB-S/S2/S2X tuners on only one PCI Express card. With the Digital Devices MAX SX8 Basic Digital Devices presents an HDTV tuner card for the PCI Express slot with eight TV tuners. The ultra-compact design, only 5 watts power consumption, the choice of operating mode and support for the single-cable solutions according EN50494 (Unicable®)*1 and EN50607 (JESS®)*2, allows a flexible use in any situation and for any solution. 

Suitable on Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10 and Linux, the Digital Devices MAX SX8 Basic can be integrated by flexible selection of the operating mode individually in the environment. The operating modes allows a single-cable mode according to EN50494 (Unicable®)*1 and EN50607 (JESS®)*2, the use of quad LNBs and 4 lines from multi-switches and Quattro LNB's or master output of a multiswitch.

Operation Mode Quad LNB or 4 Multiswitch Outputs

Use this option if you want to connect your Max SX8 Basic to a normal multiswitch or LNB with integrated multi-switch (QUAD LNB or OCTO LNB). For both cases, four SAT lines are required to provide a full-featured and full reception (all four levels SAT).


Operation Mode Quattro LNB or Multiswitch cascade output (VL, VH, HL, HH)

Use this option if you want to connect your Max SX8 Basic to a multi-switch, which can be cascaded. Such multi-switch have in addition to the inputs for a Quattro LNB, four outputs which are also known as "cascade outputs". These outputs give only from a Quattro LNB received signals unaltered out again. Alternatively, the four outputs can be directly used by a Quattro LNB without multiswitch.


Operation Mode Singlecable Solution

in this operation mode the card can be used over only one antenna cable via Unicable®*1 oder JESS®*2 supported equipment. Thereby it is possible to provide up to 8 Tuners by a UniCable® System and up to 32 Tuners with a JESS® System. More than one satellite can be used in this mode (in this mode, you need for 8 tuners only 1 cable to port 1, thanks to an integrated multi-switch).


Operation mode 4 Tuner Direct

In the "4 Tuner" operating mode, the four inputs of the card can be used like individual tuners. Several satellites (DiSEqC) are supported in this mode. (In this mode you need 1 to 4 cables from a multi-switch or LNB with integrated multi-switch)

The Digital Devices MAX SX8 Basic can be used immediately with numerous TV applications.


* 1 Unicable® Requires Unicable® / SCR / CENELEC EN50494 compliant LNB or multiswitch to EN50494
* 2 JESS® Requires Jess® / CENELEC En50607 compliant LNB or multiswitch to En50607


Digital Devices Max M4 Multituner TV Card - the all-rounder for satellite, cable or terrestrial reception

A 4-fold multi-band tuner HD TV Card / Tuner Card for the PCIe Slot for the following reception types:

  • DVB-S(satellite tuner)
  • DVB-S2 (satellite tuner)
  • ISDB-S (satellite tuner)
  • DVB-C (cable tuner)
  • DVB-C2 (cable tuner)
  • ISDB-C (cable tuner)
  • J.83 (cable tuner)
  • DVB-T(terrestrial tuner)
  • DVB-T2 (terrestrial tuner)
  • ISDB-T (terrestrial tuner)

The Digital Devices Max M4 is a multi-tuner TV card. It has the capabilities of digital reception for satellite (DVB-S / S2 / ISDB-S), cable (DVB-C / C2 / ISDB-C / J.83) or terrestrial (DVB-T / T2 / ISDB-T).

The reception of SD to Ultra HD modulated channels on the transponders of the provider is no problem for the M4. Due to the low power consumption of ~ 7 watts, the card works very economically. The Max M4 Multituner card comes in Full Profile Format (full height) with corresponding bracket.

The choice of reception is done dynamically. The Max M4 has four individual front ends, depending on the tune request, the card switch automatically to a free cable, satellite or terrestrial tuner. Through the dynamically switching, a reprograming of the receiving mode during operation is not needed. Thus a DVB-C or DVB-T2 connection can be used for bad weather alternative with disturbed SAT reception, in order to keep a running operation.

Receive stations from different sources, such as SAT and terrestrial, without investing in different receiving systems. If not only satellite, but also cable TV should to be received at a location(for example for local channels), this is now possible without any problems with the Max M4.

For operation with a standard satellite receiving system (star cabling), you need a cable for each DVB-S tuner to the Max M4, thus also the card can be used with full DiSEqC support. Likewise, the use of Unicable I (EN50494) and Unicable II / JESS (EN50607) systems is easily possible. To supply the individual SAT tuners with a Unicable signal, the SAT inputs of the card are connected to the Unicable system by a Unicable splitter.

For operation on a cable provider or terrestrial antenna, only one cable from the DVB-C wall socket or antenna is needed. The signal is internally distributed to the tuner, thus no splitter parts are needed.
(IEC adapter to F socket for connection to antenna or BK system included in the scope of delivery)

In the field of data analysis, you now receive the data from one source from different reception types, e.g. Advertising analysis, time offset, data rate of individual transmissions. Also the dynamic switching of the required reception type offers advantages, becuase a changing is immediately possible.

The hardware design of the card allows an operation in the 24/7 envoirement for professional and home use. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, such as ceramic capacitors and the absence of environmentally hazardous substances, the Max M4 ensures a long lifetime even with permanent use of the hardware.

The Digital Devices Max M4 can be extended with an Octopus Single-CI or Octopus Twin-CI card via an additional PCIe slot and of course also other connected Flex-CI modules from Digital Devices can be used.

Drivers for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (.1) as well as Windows 10 and Linux.

* 1 Unicable® Requires Unicable® / SCR / CENELEC EN50494 compliant LNB or multiswitch to EN50494
* 2 JESS® Requires Jess® / CENELEC EN50607 compliant LNB or multiswitch to EN50607




Twin Common Interface extension modul for the Cine-, Octopus- and Octopus NET series

The DuoFlex CI extension provides two CI slots. The DuoFlex CI can be used for products of the Cine, Octopus and Octopus NET series. The DuoFlex CI is used to hold two Conditional Access Modules (CAM). Some CAMs master Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD) technology, which allows up to 4 TV channels / tuners to be decrypted using just one CAM (number depends on manufacturer).

The common interface extension is connected to the base card using a ribbon cable. In addition, it's powered by the supplied power adapter. Thanks to the supplied low-profile and full-profile slot plates, individual installation is possible.


What is a Common Interface (CI)?
CI-LogikA conditional access module (CAM) is inserted into a common interface interface (also known as a CI slot). The smart card of a content provider is then inserted into this CAM. If all components are matched to one another, the TV signal can be decrypted.


Twin CI with MTD
The Twin Common Interface on the OctopusCI S2 Pro provides the system with two CI slots and is designed to use with two Conditional Access Module (CAM). Some CAMs handle the Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD) technology, which allows up to 4 TV channels / tuner only a CAM (number dependent on the manufacturer) to decrypt. 

What is Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD)?
Multi Transponder Decrypting is a new technology that allows to decrypt up to 4 TV channels / tuner simultaneously with only one Conditional Access Module (number of channels dependent on the manufacturer).

TV software
All Digital Devices products are supplied with the DD-TV software. Experience the numerous functions: HD quality television, time-shift television, digital video recorder, electronic program guide (EPG), teletext reception.

Support – Operating systems and Software
Signed Drivers for Microsoft ® Windows ® XP with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista ® 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 ® 32-bit / 64-bit
Windows 7/8/8.1 Media Center compatible
Drivers: Linux kernel 2.6.xx current ® Open Source

Compatible with Windows Media Center
Our products are under the Windows Media Center, including the optional direct support of the CI interfaces, immediately usable without complications.



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