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What is TeamViewer®?

For the satisfaction of our customers, we offer you the possibility to bring the technical support to your home with the aid of the remote maintenance tool TeamViewer® Quick Support, which you can download for free here. The free software allows us to access your computer directly and perform an quick error analysis. Of course, we can only make contact with your computer if you wish. TeamViewer® Quick Support does not have to be installed. When running the program, a random password is generated. You can also follow the procedure on your computer on the home screen. During or after the remote session, you can simply close TeamViewer Quick Support and we will not have further access to your system. Of course, the downloaded file can then be completely deleted from your system afterwards.

What I have to do for it?

For access to your system, it is necessary that you are also in front of the system for the duration of the remote session and that you are in contact with us by phone. In addition, we require your consent and an order for the remote access, which you can give us here. If you have a TeamViewer on your system, please terminate it via "Connection -> Exit TeamViewer."

1. Please contact our service to make an appointment.

2. Download the remote maintenance software TeamViewer via the following link:

download TeamViewer® QuickSupport - Digital Devices

3. Start the software and submit the following information and accept the following agreement on the day of the remote session.

Order for TeamViewer remote maintenance

Herby I (first name, last name of the customer will be completed) instruct the company Digital Devices Distribution GmbH with the remote access to my computer system / computer systems via the remote software "TeamViewer®, for the purpose of technical support / consulting.It is known that during the remote session it comes to a data exchange between the PC system on the part of the Digital Devices Distribution GmbH and my remote-controlled. From both sides, it may happen that my personal data or personal data of 3rd parties becomes visible.

Digital Devices Distribution GmbH does not perform session recording or other form of storage during remote access. It is possible to copy screenshots or log files for analysis purposes and store them locally on the computer systems of Digital Devices Distribution GmbH for further analysis. Digital Devices Distribution GmbH is not liable for any damage to the system that is being maintained remotely.

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