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DD-TV Software DD-TV

For the simple reception via DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2 and DVB-S/S2 with all our Digital Devices products for Cine, Octopus and Octopus NET series.

download  14.01.2021 Digital Devices Software DD-TV v1.15.0 (Fixed - Channel saving)
download  User Manual for DD-TV



OctopusCastTool Software OctopusCast Tool V1.0Linie

Version 2.0 available - See next Download

The universal tool for your Octopus Octopus Net and Net Rack for each solution situation. This tool helps you in generating M3U lists for example MediaPortal and VLC Player. Also, it supports you in generating MultiCast lists for Octopus NET Series.

download  Software Digital Devices OctopusCast Tool
download  User Manual 
download  Compilation of OctopusCast Listen (BrowserTV / DMS Liste für verschiedene Anbieter, incl. CI / PayTV Funktion)
download  Quickinstall OctopusNet & DVBLink
download  Quickinstall OctopusNet & DVBViewer
download  Quickinstall OctopusNet & GoodPlayer



splah6 Software OctopusCAST-NET Tool V2.0 (Beta)

The interface software for your Octopus NET V1 / V2 / SL / Rack / miniITX. Scan and load lists with your Octopus NET for direct processing in the software for unicast and multicast. Export lists in many different formats for various players or load your configuration into the DMS server of Octopus NET. 


download  Software Digital Devices OctopusCAST-NET V2.0



Kanalsorter Software Channel-Sorter for WMC Tool

 Easily sort and create presorted lists with the help of pre-made transponder lists for Windows 7 Media Center and Windows 8 Media Center-

download  Digital Devices Channel-Sorter for Windows Media Center
download  QuickGuide for Channel-Sorter for Windows Media Center



Transponderlists & Presetlists for Windows Media CenterLinie

Note: All transponder lists are also available via the automatic updates of our Channelsorter for Windows Media Center and OctopusCast Tool, you can directly download the software here.