DD Octopus NET 19" Rack Server 1U

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Octopus NET Rack Server:

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High Density Streaming Server Engine - Based on Octopus NET V2 / MC technology. Full equipment... more
Product information "DD Octopus NET 19" Rack Server 1U"

High Density Streaming Server Engine - Based on Octopus NET V2 / MC technology. Full equipment of up to 8 tuners of different types of reception possible..
HD / UHD network tuner - IPTV head station - Multicast Server

The Streaming Server can be equipped with up to 12 tuners and is delivered with Octopus NET Mainboard for the direct connection of the corresponding modules (Tuner / CI) in a 1U housing of the company Inter-Tech, which was been especially adapted for the Octopus NET serverboards.

Note: This server does not contain any tuners or CI modules. Tuners and CIs that you order to this server will be installed and tested by us before delivery. An overview of possible tuners and CI components can be found in the "Accessories" tab. You will also find the different stages of expansion in the document below. If tuner or CI components are not to be installed before delivery, please give us a note in the comments on your order.

 Choose between the different variants and equipment:

  • Octopus NET MC mainboard (Max version*)
    • Digital Devices Octopus NET mainboard for Multicast according SPTS
    • Power supply 220 Volt
  • Octopus NET MC mainboard (DuoFlex version*)
    • Digital Devices Octopus NET mainboard for Multicast according SPTS
    • Power supply 220 Volt 

The Multicast server for manual configuration. The selection of the tuner modules is freely selectable within the scope of the possible slots and configuration. A detailed overview of which modules can be used can be found in the following connection diagram:

download Connetion shema - Octopus NET mainboard for Multicast

The Octopus NET Mainboard will modularly extended and allows a change of the installed receiving modules or extension. When changing locations, the Octopus NET can be adapted or extended at any time by exchanging these modules in the reception situation.

The Octopus NET Server MC can be configured for Multicast SPTS (RTP / UDP Protocol) and can be used with numerous software and hardware clients.

TVs from Panasonic with SAT> IP support, support directly the Octopus NET servers for all DVB reception types such as cable, terrestrial and satellite.

By installing a CI Slots, multicast streams can be decrypted* directly in the server.
(* Please note the terms and conditions of the PayTV / Content providers listed in your contract for use of the content.)

The built-in 5 port GigaBit Switch not only extends your network through additional LAN ports; you can also define the streams that are available on the ports in multicast mode.


* Max version:
The following variants are possible:

  • 1x Max tuner card (8 tuner) + optional DuoFlex CI (2 CI Slots useable)

* DuoFlex version:
The following variants are possible:

  • 1x DuoFlex tuner module (2 Tuner) + optional DuoFlex CI (2 CI Slots useable)
  • 2x DuoFlex tuner module (4 Tuner) + optional DuoFlex CI (2 CI Slots useable)
  • 3x DuoFlex tuner module (6 Tuner) + optional DuoFlex CI (1 CI Slot useable)
  • 4x DuoFlex tuner module (8 Tuner)


Dimension Server Case (HxBxT) in mm:  445 x 482 x 278


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Digital Devices DuoFlex S2 V4A - Dual DVB-S/S2 HDTV - Expansion board for Cine or Octopus series with newest demodulator (STV0910A - Improved compared to the version STV0910B) technology for high DVB-S2 transponder data rates up to 180 Mbits /s. 

Improvements of STV0910A Demodulators 

  • 16 APSK, 32 APSK
  • low QPSK code rates
  • All streams of a MIS transponder simultaneously
  • Short Frames 16KBit
  • ACM and VCM

NOTE: With the expansion module, you can upgrade an existing Cine CT (V6 or higher) or Cine S2 (V5.5 or higher) to a 4 tuner card or connect to Octopus Bridge. This expansion will delivered with a full profile bracket K and a 25 cm ribbon cable.

The TV card consists of two parts, the tuner module and the Cine (S2 or CT) TV card or Octopus series. The Cine TV Card or Octopus Bridge is in this bundle not included. The Tuner module will via ribbon cable connect to a Cine Card or Otopus Bridge and has no electrical connection to the MainBoard. The Tuner Modul requires a 3,5" Floppy Power Connector. Slotbrackets for Low und Full Profile are included.

DVB-S2 receiver for high-definition DVB-S2 channel-modulated recording in H.264 / H.265 format,
DVB-S receiver for Digital TV recording in MPEG-2 format

Signed drivers for Windows® Vista® 32-bit / 64-bit
Signed drivers for Windows® 7  32-bit / 64 bit
Driver for Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2
Windows 7 Media Center compatible

Delivery Contents:

Die Digital Devices DuoFlex S2 - Twin-Tuner Karte für DVB-S2 HDTV (Rev. V4A) enthält:

1x Digital Devices DuoFlex S2 - Duale DVB-S/S2 HDTV-Karte (Rev. V4A)
1x Slotbracket K - Full-Profile bracket for mounting to Cine or Octopus series
1x Slotbracket I - Low-Profile brackret
1x 25cm ribboncable with ferritcores

Power supply: max. 0.3 Amps at 5V (power adapter depicted in the picture is not included)
Designed and manufactured in Germany

Twin Common Interface Erweiterung für alle Digital Devices TV Karten.

Brilliantes HDTV auf Ihrem PC

Nutzer mit einem Satelliten-TV oder Kabel-TV Anschluss können in der Regel, die öffentlich-rechtlichen TV-Programme (ARD, ZDF, Dritte Programme sowie zusätzlich viele Radio-Sender) in HD-Qualität ohne SmartCard, empfangen. Auch einige private TV-Programme sind digital frei empfangbar. Optional: Für den kompletten Empfang aller digitalen Programme (Umfang abhängig von ihrem abgeschlossenen Vertrag mit dem Content-Anbieter) nutzen Sie unsere Common Interface Erweiterung. Diese kann direkt an Ihrer Digital Devices Karte angeschlossen werden.

Die DuoFlex CI Erweiterung stellt im genutzten System zwei CI-Slots zur Verfügung. Das DuoFlex CI kann für die Produkte der Cine-, Octopus- und Octopus NET Serien genutzt werden. Das DuoFlex CI dient zur Aufnahme von zwei Conditional Access Module (CAM). Einige CAMs beherrschen die Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD) Technologie, die es erlaubt bis zu 4 TV-Kanäle/Tuner über nur einem CAM (Anzahl Herstellerabhängig) zu entschlüsseln.

Die Common Interface Erweiterung wird per Flachbandkabel an die Basiskarte angesteckt. Zusätzlich wird Sie mit dem mitgelieferten Stromadapter mit Strom versorgt. Dank der mitgelieferten Low-Profil und Full-Profil Slotbleche, ist der individuell Einbau möglich.


Was ist ein Common Interface (CI)?
CI-LogikIn eine Common Interface Schnittstelle (gern auch CI-Slot genannt), wird ein Conditional Access Module (CAM) eingesteckt. In dieses CAM wird dann wiederrum die Smartcard eines Content-Anbieter eingesteckt. Sind alle Komponenten aufeinander abgestimmt, kann das TV-Signal entschlüsselt werden.

Was ist Multi Transponder Decrypting (MTD)?
Multi Transponder Decrypting ist eine neue Technologie, die es erlaubt bis zu 4 TV-Kanäle/Tuner über nur einem Conditional Access Module (Anzahl Herstellerabhängig) zu entschlüsseln.

Alle Digital Devices Produkte werden mit der DD-TV Software geliefert. Erleben Sie die zahlreichen Funktionen: Fernsehen in HD-Qualität, zeitversetztes Fernsehen, Digitaler Videorekorder, Elektronischer Programmführer (EPG), Videotextempfang.

Unterstützung – Betriebssysteme und Software
Die Karte wird mit signierten Treibern für Windows XP mit Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) sowie Windows 10 für 32-bit und 64-bit sowie mit Treiberunterstützung für Linux, ausgeliefert.

Die Windows BDA-Treiber Technologie ermöglicht den problemlosen sofortigen Einsatz des Produktes in zahlreichen Softwareprodukten. Beispiele dazu sind: DVB Viewer Pro, MediaPortal, auch in Kombination mit XBMC/Kodi sowie zahlreichen weiteren Produkten.

Auch unter Linux ist der Einsatz des Produktes in geeigneter Software z.B. im VDR möglich.

Das Duale Common Interface kann auch 4k Inhalte datengetreu übertragen.

Kompatibel zu Windows Media Center
Unsere Produkte sind unter dem Windows Media Center, inclusive der optionalen direkten Unterstützung des Common Interface, sofort komplikationslos einsetzbar.


Flag_of_Germany Entwickelt und hergestellt in Deutschland


HD / UHD Octo-Tuner - 8 Tuner - TV card for DVB-C / C2, DVB-T / T2 or  ISDB-T  for the PCI Express slot.

With only one cable Ideal for construction of multimedia PCs and media center systems in the home as well as streaming and recording server for data analysis in the professional field.

The Max A8i is equipped for the reception of transmitters which via DVB-C / C2, DVB-T / T2 (Digital cable or terrestrial) or ISDB-T are disseminated and used for displaying, recording and analysis of MPEG2 (SD / HD H.262) MPEG4 (SD / HD H.264) and HEVC (HD / UHD H.265) signals.

The Max A8i is equipped at the factory with 8 full tuners (Octo Tuner Technology). So you have the option of eight different transponders to receive at the same time. For example you can use this feature to receive up to eight different digital cable or digital terrestrial transponders (frequencies) at same time for recording or streaming multiple channels and watch one or Handle multiple other. Since each tuner works independently are all data from the transponders available.

The Max A8i supports Onecable solution, so that only one supply line to the card is required to supply all the 8 internal tuner.

The Digital Devices MAX A8i can be expanded with an Octopus single CI or Octopus Twin-CI Card over an additional PCIe. Of course also a Flex / DuoFlex-CI device which is connected to a Cine or Octopus Bridge can be used.

Due to the installation height of Full-profile, the Max A8i can fits exclusively in Full profile housing (housing with full-height).

The power consumption is at only 13-16 watts during normal operation (depending on the reception mode).

Please note that for the operation of the card your PC case requires an active cooling.

Drivers are available for the Windows operating system, Windows Server and Linux available for download.

This product was developed and produced in Germany

Tuner Übersicht / Tuner Overview

Tuner Detailansicht / Tuner detail view

Senderzuweisung / Channel assignment

Stream Setup

Netzwerkeinstellungen / Network settings

Tuner Konfiguration / Tuner Configuration

Tuner Konfiguration / Tuner Configuration

Common Interface Setup

Streaming Übersicht / Streaming Overview

Kanalsuche / Channel Search

Tuner Detailansicht / Tuner detail view


Sendersuchlauf / Channelscan


download    Anleitung

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