Inverto Unicable I / II LNB 1/32 - IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP

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UniCable LNB for use with devices according UniCable (standard EN 50494 - 8 User bands) and... more
Product information "Inverto Unicable I / II LNB 1/32 - IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP"

UniCable LNB for use with devices according UniCable (standard EN 50494 - 8 User bands) and UniCable II (new standard EN50607 - 32 User bands). Through the combination of both standards, older devices can be used, here are the first 8 frequencies available.

Professional Unicable LNB - 32 User Bands - No headend or QAM modulator longer necessary. Unlimited supply of receivers / STBs in static mode or via the Standard Unicable II - 32 User Bands - Perfect for TV cards of Max, Cine and DuoFlex series and everywhere many receivers must be supplied as in apartment buildings and building complexes.

The 32 User bands (frequencies) can be used as static routes for the transport of selected transponders from the satellite, whereby an unlimited number of receivers / tuners can be supplied or via the standard Einkabellösungsvariante according EN50494 / EN50607 to 32 receivers / tuners with direct Unicable Frequency Allocation.

Digital channel stacking technology uses fast wide­band analog to digital converters and applies digital signal processing to select desired transponder channels, up convert them and stack them as IF signals over the Unicable output ports. The Unicable2 LNB offers a full flexibility of channel selection, supports many more set-top-boxes over existing cabling thus significantly reducing cost and simplifying installations at subscribers homes. The Static mode, allowing an unlimited number of receivers to be connected to the LNB, makes multi-room distribution and MDU installations substantially cheaper and simpler than ever before. The operating mode - dynamic or static - output power level, channel bandwidth, UB numbers, center frequencies and dish alignment mode are all programmable and can be configured and updated in the field using a dedicated programmer device*.

This Unicable2 LNB enables installations with up to 32 satellite receivers connected over a single coax cable and using the EN50494/EN50607 protocols providing access to unlimited number of transponders (also known as ‘Dynamic’ mode) . Alternatively, it can be configured to deliver a fixed mapping of transponder frequencies to IF frequencies (also known as ‘Static’ mode), allowing an unlimited number of receivers to be connected and providing them access to up to 32 transponders (or more, depending on the bandwidth of the desired transponders) based on digital channel stacking technology.

The LNB can be powered over a connected STB or by an AC/DC adapter over a power inserter in case the STB is unable to provide the necessary power. The Unicable2 LNB is backward compatible, fully compliant with both EN50494 and EN50607 standards and integrates seamlessly into EN50494-only or mixed EN50494/EN50607 installations of compatible STBs, Next Generation PVRs and HGWs.

Main Features:

■ Low phase Noise HDTV-DVBS2 compliant

■ Low Noise Figure

■ Very high cross-pol isolation

■ Programmable Static frequency mapping mode

■ Dish alignment mode  


* Programmer not included, sold separately as an optional accessory.

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Spezifikation / Specification

Input Frequency Range

10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Noise Figure
1 dB Max.
LO Frequenz
LO Frequency
10,4 GHz
LO Anfangsgenauigkeit
LO Initial Accuracy
 +/- 1.0 MHz
LO Temperaturdrift
LO Temperature Drift
 +/- 2.5 MHz
Phasenrauschen (bei 10 kHz)
LO Phase Noise @ 10K Hz
 - 80 dBc / Hz
Unicable Konversionsgewinn (AGC)
Unicable Conversion Gain (AGC)
55 dB Min.
Gain Variation
 +/- 0.75 dB/UB
Image Rejection
40 dB Min.
Cross-pol Isolation
22 dB Min.
1 dB Kompressionspunkt (am Ausgang)
O/P 1 dB Compression Point
0 dBm min.
Ausgang VSWR
2.5 : 1 max.
Output Impedance
75 Ω
User Band Bandbreite
User Band bandwidth
Configurable 10~64MHz
(default 36MHz)
User Band Frequenzen (Kanäle)
Output IF Channels (UBs)
Bis zu 32 Kanäle, vorkonfiguriert auf 32 Kanäle:
  CH0 1210MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH1 1420MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH2 1680MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH3 2040MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH4 984MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH5 1020MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH6 1056MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH7 1092MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
  CH8 1128MHz (EN50607)
  CH9 1164MHz (EN50607)
  CH10 1256MHz (EN50607)
  CH11 1292MHz (EN50607)
  CH12 1328MHz (EN50607)
  CH13 1364MHz (EN50607)
  CH14 1458MHz (EN50607)
  CH15 1494MHz (EN50607)
  CH16 1530MHz (EN50607)
  CH17 1566MHz (EN50607)
  CH18 1602MHz (EN50607)
  CH19 1638MHz (EN50607)
  CH20 1716MHz (EN50607)
  CH21 1752MHz (EN50607)
  CH22 1788MHz (EN50607)
  CH23 1824MHz (EN50607)
  CH24 1860MHz (EN50607)
  CH25 1896MHz (EN50607)
  CH26 1932MHz (EN50607)
  CH27 1968MHz (EN50607)
  CH28 2004MHz (EN50607)
  CH29 2076MHz (EN50607)
  CH30 2112MHz (EN50607)
  CH31 2148MHz (EN50607)
Channel isolation
25 dB Min.
Unicable Steuersignale
Unicable Control Signals
DiSEqC1.x/DiSEqC2.x, EN50494/EN50607
DC Stromaufnahme
DC Power
Working Temperature
- 30°C~ + 60°C
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